About us

Fashion.com will be sold to a new owner through an auction beginning October 24th, 2019.

In 1994, the domain’s three current owners were working together on a common fashion project and searched for a domain name that might meet their business needs. They discovered that fashion.com was unclaimed and decided to buy it. After plans for their project changed, the domain sat unused. 

Dozens of groups have since reached out to try and purchase fashion.com over the past 25 years. During this time, the fashion industry has exploded worldwide, reaching an estimated $2 trillion in annual value, with online sales leading the way and set to increase to $700 billion by 2022. 

To systematically and fairly address interest from so many wide-ranging parties around the globe, it has been agreed by the owners of fashion.com that a formal bidding process will be used to determine the domain’s appropriate cash value—while ensuring that all those interested in acquiring fashion.com will have an opportunity to own it. 

To account for the fact that some buyers are sensitive about the amount of their winning bids being made public, the auction for fashion.com will incorporate both private bidding, beginning October 24th, and as necessary, a public auction scheduled for November 21st. 

Official service providers for the auction process include San Francisco-based Escrow.com and the Dutch online auction firm Auction-Experts, whose software will be used to conduct the auction as it oversees the electronic bidding process.

If you have questions or require any clarifications regarding any aspect of the private or public bidding as outlined, please contact Peter Johnston, whose firm, NAI Limited, represents the sellers.

Peter can be contacted at PeterJohnston@nailimited.com.