General information

General Information

Below, we provide an overview of some important elements of the auction process.

1 Register

You can only view the auction and participate when you are registered through this site and have also deposited the $25,000 down payment with To register for the auction, click on the Registration button. You will first be asked for your e-mail and password. Your e-mail address will be used to send you the activation code for activating your account. You will subsequently be directed to a link for registering with as well prior to making your deposit. To learn about the official rules of the auction, please refer to “Terms & Conditions” on this site.

2 Bidding

You can place only one private bid for the domain name, beginning October 24, 2019. If a public auction is required, all bids from the private bidding are binding and transfer to the public bidding process where multiple bids are possible. The public auction would occur on November 21, 2019, with the highest private bid being compared to the highest public bid, and the higher bid between the two being declared the winner, assuming the winning bidder complies with all necessary buyer criteria. Please refer to “Key Dates” on this site.

3 Two Confidential Prices

The sellers of the domain will provide a reputable arm’s length third-party, a Verification Agent, with two confidential numbers. The first confidential number applies to the private bidding, and is a Buy It Now Price, which if met, would lead to the immediate sale of the domain. The second confidential number applies to the public bidding phase, and is a Reservation Value, a minimum bid that has to be satisfied in order for the sellers to be obligated to sell the domain as a result of the private and/or public auction. To learn about the official rules of the auction, please refer to “Terms & Conditions” on this site.

4 Your Account

You can change your password, e-mail address and/or address details at any time by going to Settings. In the navigation bar on the left-hand side are the links to the relevant pages:

    • Your control panel
    • View bid limits
    • Your details
    • Change password
    • Contact us
    • Log off

5 Questions

If you have questions, please contact us using the contact page or by emailing

6 Verification Agent

The entity selected to act in this capacity is Baker Tilly, a leading international advisory, tax and assurance firm (